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Counting Crows In 'Traveling Circus and Medicine Show' At Red Rock

Counting Crows in “Traveling Circus and Medicine show” at Red Rock Resort and Casino July 24, 2009 at the pool. Originally this concert included Spearhead and Michael Franti, but Michael was absent due to a medical emergency.


Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |

They performed live at a wonderful venue, poolside at Red Rock Resort. Performing fan favorites “Mr. Jones,” Accidentally In Love,” “Rain King” and “Hanginaround.”


Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |

Last night was a perfect evening in the valley from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m for the concert under the stars. Counting Crows won over the nation in the '90s with a unique blend of melodious, mellow and good-time vibes.

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