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Chris Brown Gets Violent Again (As Usual)

Rapper – and temper ridden douche – Chris Brown, made an appearance on ABC's “Good Morning America” and performed a song from his new album... but it was after the show that has made headlines.

The 21-year old proved once again through a series of outbursts that the only thing he should dropping like it hot, is some money for anger management lessons. Brown apparently was upset that the reporter brought up his Rihanna restraining order issue from 2009. Oh, we're sorry Chris that it's public knowledge that you beat the crap out of a girl and it hasn't been completely swept under the rug from just two years ago. Deal with it loser!

PopEaster carried the story and reported the following account regarding the backstage studio showdown according to a “Good Morning America” insider: “Chris was so dangerous backstage that we called 911. He totally flew off the handle after being asked a question about his 2009 assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Now ABC has to decide if they are willing to let this man promote his music on a family show on its network or walk away from this obviously troubled young man."

And may I be the first to pose this question Chris? What in the hell did ripping off your shirt and walking out onto the street in New York half naked accomplish? I'm guessing your T-shirt had a restraining order and left?

Now, as mentioned before... the question remains, should Brown be banned from ABC including his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars?” One rival executive commented saying, “If the network doesn't care about promoting this thug, they should care about protecting its staff." Is it me, or does once again, this not entirely prove that there should be a better screening process when it comes to who gets famous? We need to put more quality individuals in the public eye. But... that my friends is a pipe-dream. We're obsessed with crazy. For Christ's sake... we had a self-appointed warlock on drugs coin the hash tag #WINNING! We don't want our celebs stable. Want to get big? Trash your dressing room during a network appearance. Nice message guys!

(Image from PopEater)

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