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Charlie Sheen is Back on Top Again

Charlie Sheen made his first attempt as a "stand-up" comedian in Detroit on Saturday night and was met with boos, rants, and even patrons walking out in the middle of his show.  Charlie was welcomed on stage by a standing ovation but, the warm welcome quickly turned sour as Sheen ranted about everything under the sun.

Within 15 minutes the crowd started getting restless and booing and by the 20 minute mark people were already up out of there seats leaving the theater.  According, to audience members the show was disorganized, a disaster, and his rants made no sense at all.

This was only Sheen's first stop on his 21 city tour and last night he blew into Cleavland like a bat out of Hell and knocked their socks off.  Walking out in a Cleavland Indians jersey and even telling the crowd he hoped to film a Major League 3 in Cleavland, he got the crowd super pumped before the show even started.  But, like all good performers it seems that he has ironed out all the kinks and his show is becoming a success.

Sheen changed the whole opening act of the show and got rid of the crazy rants he did in Detroit, instead opting for an interview type format where a MC asks him questions about his life and career.  He talked about the goddesses and called Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer a "rock star", he talks about family and past movies and career choices, like passing on The Karate Kid.  He ended the night with a poem that read, "I stand before you oh captain oh captain to most humbly praise you for this radical ripple this single cast stone in the stagnant puddle that is the known universe. Your weapon of choice is wordplay via Dr. Seuss play."

So far, it looks as though his Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option Tour is going to be a huge hit and just like that Charlie Sheen is back on top again.  It must be the Tiger Blood.

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