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Charlie Sheen Gets Infection: Can You Believe Only In His Ear?

CBS star and all around bad boy, Charlie Sheen, is reportedly back to work on “Two and a Half Men” as of Thursday after being treated for an earache on Wednesday. This of course marks the first time that Sheen's equilibrium was compromised without booze being the catalyst. Don't worry Charlie boy. No judgment here. It's like I have a twin.

This is not the first time that the highest paid television actor missed his call time to the set. “[Sheen] came perilously close to missing his call time Tuesday, after he reportedly went on a vodka-fueled binge in Las Vegas with three porn stars over the weekend,” according to TheWrap. After that little incident, an executive told TheWrap that “both CBS and Warner Bros. Television are 'worried' about Sheen and have been in dialogue about how to deal with him.”

My only question: How in the hell is he not best friends with Lindsay Lohan? Let the next judge who has the pleasure of proceeding over one of these party animals know that if they want to help out the overall entertainment value in society, the Sheen-Lohan friendship aught to be court ordered. At least Columbia would be celebrating. (Cocaine joke people)

Now of course it's not all bad news for the celeb. Sheen's lawyer who – let's face it – is paid to be “team Charlie,” told Access Hollywood, "Charlie is back at work as scheduled. According to all reports he is absolutely nailing it as he always does and the show is doing phenomenally well." That's all fine and good... but I have to tell you, if Charlie was my client, him nailing something once again would be my biggest secret. I mean come on, he usually only nails things with a heartbeat and damaged dreams. (See: Vegas Hooker)

According to online reporting from, TMZ and Radar Online, he did in fact spend the weekend in Vegas at the Palms Hotel partying with porn stars. First of all, awesome. Secondly, I guess he should have known after Paris had her little “controlled gum substance” issue on the casino strip, what happens in Vegas if you're a celebrity, definitely does anything but stay in Vegas.

People keep criticizing Sheen for claiming to be sick yet spending a weekend inside a hotel room with a bunch of porn stars. What's wrong with that? In fact, I recall a very popular 1982 song that speaks to the benefits of “Sexual Healing.” I don't think Marvin Gaye would lie to us. Besides, I have a feeling Charlie wasn't using his ear that much. “Mennn.”

(Image from theblemish)

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