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Charles Manson Break Silence: Likens Himself to Christ, Hates Obama

CORCORAN, Calif. --- “Bigger than the Beatles” --- On the 40th anniversary of his sentencing, blood-thirsty cult figure Charlie Manson has broken his 20 year silence to speak to a Spanish magazine about global warming, his hatred of President Obama and how he considers himself Christ-like.

Manson, 76, found guilty of the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders in Los Angeles, told Vanity Fair Spain: "We are all martyrs. Love is a martyr. That is why Christ calls attention. So they crucified him. ... Yes, I am a martyr. But I am also a victim. And I'm a performer."

From his maximum security prison cell in California, Manson denied being the sinister brainwashing guru behind the Tate-LaBianca murders.

"I live in the underworld," Manson said, "I don't tell people what to do. They know what to do.

"If they don't know what to do, they don't come around me because I'm very mean.”

Manson says he fears the walls beyond his cell and was quick to speak about the environment.

"Everyone's God and if we don't wake up to that there's going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we're doing bad things to the atmosphere," he said.

"If we don't change that as rapidly as I'm speaking to you now, if we don't put the green back on the planet and put the trees back that we've butchered, if we don't go to war against the problem ...," he added, without finishing his thought.

Italian lawyer Giovanni DiStefano, who has defended Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic, has filed an appeal for Manson to the Interamerican Human Rights Committee, claiming the trial violated his rights, and has written to U.S. President Barack Obama.

However, Manson did little to help his cause during the interview with the Spanish magazine.

"I think Obama is an idiot for doing what he does," Manson said. "I do not know who he was able to cheat to get there.”

"They're playing with him," said Manson, calling Obama a "slave to Wall Street."

Manson was sentenced to death April 19, 1971, which was commuted to life when the California death penalty was abolished. Manson has been denied parole 11 times.

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