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Cat vs.Two Large Alligators [VIDEO]

In a battle for animal supremacy, one tough little house cat takes on two rather large angry alligators.

The YouTube video that has been seen by more than 3 million viewers shows a cat with nerves of steel, taking on two vicious hungry gators.

Horrified tourists were convinced the feline was going to end up as a gator snack when he decided to square up to the fearsome creatures.

Weighing in at well over 250 Lbs. Each, the alligators, with five claws on each foot and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth were more than a match for the 3-5 Lbs. house cat from Louisiana.

Onlookers at the alligator park in Louisiana screamed out 'get away pussy!' as the cat padded up to its foe.

One woman shouted: "Oh my god he's going to end up as cat food, oh my god I can't watch!"

(Spoiler Alert)

However, the tourists' shrieks turned to screams of laughter as with one strike of its paw the cat sent the alligator packing.

One onlooker exclaimed: "That's unbelievable the alligator is scared of the cat!"

Then when the gator comes back for more the cat calmly stares the gator down before giving it a quick one, two with its paws.

The humiliated alligator then slithers off into a pond to gather back up in the form of another gator.

The man filming the fearsome stand -off shouts: "Oh no, the cat's had it now."

When the battle ended there was little doubt as to who was the real fraidy cat.

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