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Car Theft Plummets In The City Of Sin

Good news for Las Vegas as a new report proves it’s less of a ‘gamble’ to leave the windows down when your vehicle is unattended. In a report released Tuesday of this week by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, “The number of auto thefts in the Las Vegas Valley continues to drop after peaking in 2006, when the area led the country.”

Each year the agency releases their annual auto theft list containing metropolitan areas, and as of now, Vegas comes in at number 19. Here are the numeric statistics as to how Vegas sized up: ”There were about 403 auto thefts per 100,000 residents in Las Vegas in 2011, lower than the 2010 mark of 442 per 100,000 residents and a significant decline from 2006, when there were 1,266 auto thefts per 100,000 residents.”

Also, keep in mind that this these figures take into account that, “A total of 7,943 auto thefts were reported last year in Las Vegas, [which stands as] a decline of 700 from the previous year, according to the NICB.”

So why the sudden change of heart for car-jackers? Well, the police think it’s, well, wait for it, the police presence. Hmm… Seems like it might be a tad biased. But before we discredit the law’s efforts, I should mention that the department has set up a specific task force to fight auto theft. So, kudos, to the boys in blue.

I’d like to leave you with some tremendously rudimentary self-evident words of advice from Allan – a member of this specialized task force. Okay, you ready for this mind-blower? Here it comes… prepare to be shocked by the wisdom. “Taking precautions — like locking the doors and not leaving a running car unattended — can help prevent auto thefts.” Oh my God! Is that what I was doing wrong?

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