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Captain Jack Crime Wave Grows in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado ~ (The Gazette) ~ On August 5th Captain Jack Sparrow robbed a Colorado Springs Walgreens store, for the second time.

A robber has taken to donning a long black wig, fake beard and mustache, and sometimes an eye patch to mimic Captain Jack Sparrow from the popular Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Once attired appropriately, the thief has a habit to ripping off the same Walgreens store time and time again.  Or perhaps, according to police, the most current robber is a copycat of the original.

In May, a man dressed similarly attempted to rob the Walgreens on 920 N. Circle Drive but failed.  Jack Sparrow grabbed something from the pharmacy counter and ran off.

This robbery gained some press at home and abroad as a picture caught on security camera was beamed worldwide in tabloid papers and on television.

The second robbery took place on August 5th, this time featuring a pirate without an eye-patch.  Store Manager Any Gill spotted Captain Sparrow making his way to the pharmacy counter at 3 a.m.  The pirate fled before the police could arrive to haul him in.  Captain Jack appears to have not picked up any booty from this particular robbery.

Sgt. Steve Noblitt of the Colorado Springs Police Department has stated that the cops have not linked the two robberies.

A local costume shop states that the fuzz may be on to something with their copycat theory.  The shop, Zeezo’s, states that the Captain Jack and other pirate costumes are selling out fast this year.

It remains to be seen if this trend of Captain Jack related crimes will grow or subside.

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