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Canadian heartthrob Justin Trudeau gets flirty with his boss, the Queen

Queen Elizabeth, 89 years old and unflappable after 63 years of running the British monarchy, gave the royal equivalent of a wink at dashing young Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on Friday.

In a three-line toast before a meeting of the Commonwealth — countries that were part of the British Empire before they became independent, and retain the Queen as nominal head of state — the Queen singled out Trudeau, 43, for some playful banter.

The dashing Trudeau had toasted the Queen — in a long speech full of syrupy praise — and pointed out that his father Pierre was the fourth Canadian prime minister during her reign, and Trudeau himself the 12th.

The Queen nimbly disarmed Trudeau's flattery with a response that was brief, dry and somehow affectionate.

Trudeau, wise if still young, knew that it wouldn't do to let that stand.

With a chivalrous sweep of his cape and a deep bow (we like to think), Trudeau replied with courtier-like reflexes that the Queen was "forever young."

Nice save, Mr. Trudeau.

So far Prince Philip seems unconcerned, but he may want to keep an eye on the situation.

Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting - Malta - Day 2

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (left) talks to Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales during a Heads of Government reception at the San Anton Palace in Attard, Malta.

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