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Businessman Tweets Order On Plane Receives Free Steak

NEWARK, New Jersey ~ (MSNBC) ~ For some reason airports and air travels seem give people healthy appetites.  There are always a gigantic number of fast food choices in airports; from Cinnabon (looking at you Louis C.K.) to Starbucks there are foods to appease any appetite.  Well almost every appetite.

Recently, a man jokingly tweeted exactly what he wanted waiting for him at the airport.  To his surprise, it was there when he landed.

A Newark, New Jersey resident, Peter Shankman, had to catch a flight to Tampa, Florida for a lunch meeting.  He caught the 5p.m. flight back, his belly rumbling despite the “healthy piece of grouper” he had consumed at lunch.  In his starvation he wrote the following text, directed at his favorite steakhouse:

He landed two and a half hours later, grabbed his bag and began to leave the Newark airport.  A surprise was waiting outside.

Shankman found his driver who directed him to turn around.  A man in a tuxedo stood behind him holding a bag containing a complete steak dinner including a 24 ounce porterhouse, Colossal shrimp, potatoes, and bread.

Shankman knew that the closest Morton’s was over 20 miles away.  Turns out someone at Morton’s corporate headquarters had read the tweet, ordered the food and drove over 20 miles to deliver it.

Shankman has over 100,000 followers on twitter, so his tweets are highly visible.  In addition, he is a frequent diner at Morton’s steakhouse.

So if you are hungry, gather a lot of twitter followers and try tweeting your order.  It may just show up.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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