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Brothers From Another Mother: The Tale of Two Peters

One is famous for creating the hilarious animated series ‘Family Guy.’

The other enjoyed semi-resurgence in the public eye.

Chris Knight is one of the few Brady kids to successfully move away from his Brady Bunch image and go on to enjoy a second life in Hollywood as an adult.

Since his days as Peter Brady, Knight has become a successful business man, starred in a few reality shows, hosted a Trivial Pursuit game show and met this third wife, model Adrianne Curry.

Besides creating the popular animated series,”Family Guy” Seth McFarlane was one of television’s youngest executive producers at the age of 24. The billion dollar franchise he created helped him secure a 100 million dollar agreement with Fox which makes him the world’s highest paid television writer.

According to Internet Movie Database, McFarlane and actor Mark Wahlberg are teaming up to do a comedy about a teddy bear that comes to life. The film is scheduled for release in 2012.

Photo by: Matt Roberts

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