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Brothers From Another Mother: Christopher Walken Edition

PRINCETON, N.J. ---Baring a striking resemblance to actor Christopher Walken, Tony Kadyhrob (left) was arrested in Trenton, N.J. after he allegedly tried to pull a 19-year-old woman into his car on the Rider Campus in late March.

Kadyhrob, 68, was later released without charges after Princetown Borough police determined he had not been on university property, reported the Trenton Times.

Kadyhrobís sister, who declined to give her name, said she lives with her brother and is sure he is no criminal, only a victim of the paranoid schizophrenia that has plagued him for 38 years.

"Heís hearing voices and he talks back to them all day long, and he thinks the voices are coming from the windows and putting signals on his body," she said. "Sometimes he sleeps on the floor so the signals cannot get him."

According to Kadyhrobís sister, Tony stopped taking his medication two years ago and as a result has been institutionalized five times in the last 13 months. Yet he had never been in trouble with the law. However, Kadyhrobís sister is worried about her brother.

Heís mentally ill, very mentally ill," she said.

Authorities at The College of New Jersey barred Kadyhrob from the campus after he appeared there Friday, and alerts were sent out to students at TCNJ and Princeton University. He was banned by institutions, and a municipal court judge subsequently ordered him not to set foot on any school campus in the state as a condition of his bail.

Lawrence police say they have dealt with Kadyhrob on several occasions, most related to his health and never for any stalking or troublesome behavior.

"Right now thereís no indication heís done anything violent in nature," Lt. Charles Edgar said.

Kadyhrobís arrest has drawn attention from TV newscasts and websites, which have noted his resemblance to actor Christopher Walken. His sister said she was shocked to hear him characterized as a criminal and said she might know why he has been trying to visit college campuses.

"I heard him say to himself one time ĎTony, you are 21 and a graduate from Princeton University," she said.

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