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Brand New Bowling Alley Run By Drag Queens Now Open In Vegas

Alright boys and girls…. The only thing that makes a bowling alley and video arcade better is drag queens of course. At least that’s what the owner’s of Sin City’s newest theme dream are saying. Billed as the nation’s first bowling and video game bar run by drag queens, Drink & Drag opened its doors and strapped on the stiletto pumps this weekend.

The club is located on the second floor of Neonopolis on Fremont Street. The Las Vegas Sun got a sneak peak inside. “With 22,000 square feet, the new Drink & Drag has plenty of room. The main bar is rich in red. There's also a 100-inch projector high-definition gaming console, interactive gaming chairs, air hockey and tabletop board games. Boredom is not an option.”

I love me some drag queens…but an entire staff? Okay, picture it. Most of us have been around one drag queen in our lives. Remember how loud albeit entertaining she was? Got it in your mind? Good. Now, imagine a couple dozen all going at once. One last thing. Factor in bowling balls crashing into pins, loud music, and arcade sounds. What the hell could the average decibel level be in this club?

“Get ready for theme nights, and there are plenty of costumes to carry it off. This rack is ready to dress up the staff members who will be serving bowlers and video gamers.” I imagine this place will have more lip-syncing than an Ashley Simpson performance on “Saturday Night Live!” Aside from the glitz, glam, and most likely the occasional diva drama, “the club features a dozen bowling lanes, colorful and artful.”
It was noted by Drink & Drag’s chief operating officer Eric Peterson that the club “is not solely a hangout for Las Vegas' gay community.” He continued, “Everybody is welcome here. It's not a gay nightclub. It's not a drag queen bar."

Well, I always knew the – dare I say – ‘sport’ of bowling certainly needed a major stimulation overhaul. Who’s to say liquor and big wigs isn’t the perfect solution? I should warn you, if someone tells your to “tuck and roll,” that’s a bowling tip here… not a fire!

(Images from LV Sun)

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