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Barack Obama Back in Las Vegas

After President Barack Obama made his annual television congressional State of The Union address giving his current assessment of the country, he almost immediately took that message on the road, for a five-stop tour that includes Las Vegas. Obama’s speech, which was broadcasted on all major television networks, was based on four “pillars”: American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and fairness for all and responsibility from all. According to White House advisers, “American energy” will be the topic Obama addresses in Las Vegas.

In Nevada, conversations about investing in domestic energy usually revolve heavily around geothermal power or solar panels. But Obama is not coming to Nevada to talk at a power plant in the middle of the desert.

Obama arrives in Las Vegas Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning, he is delivering a public speech at the United Parcel Service Las Vegas South facility. Last year, UPS announced it had contracted with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to introduce a new fleet of 48 liquefied natural gas-fueled transport trucks at a new LNG fueling station. The initial contract, set for seven years, started in 2011.

With a lot of controversial and sometimes upsetting remarks about the city of Las Vegas coming from President Obama, many will be looking to see if the president will address many of the issues and problems facing Las Vegas ranging from our economic health to energy efficiency with the upcoming presidential election next November.

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