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Baby Born Inflight Citizenship In Transit

SAN FRANCISCO, CA ~ Aida Alamillo, 41-years-old, ran into an unexpectedly long flight when she boarded a plane in Manila bound for San Francisco.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Especially when you’re pregnant and then go into labor inflight.

Alamillo did not foresee giving birth just hours before the Boeing 747 landed.  “I didn’t expect I would have a baby there…it just happened,” she said.

According to NBC Bay Area, even though Alamillo was almost 9 months pregnant she was given the ok to fly by her doctors.  Alamillo, her son and her brother were bound for Boston to visit her sick father.  She planned to take up residence in Boston as well.

After Alamillo went into labor she was moved to a private cabin in business class and assisted by 3 nurses who happened to be on the flight and volunteered their services.

According to Alamillo the plane erupted into applause when the baby was born.

MyFox Boston reports that it is unclear whether the baby was born over international waters or U.S. airspace.  MyFox also contacted Jennifer Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies who told them “if a child is born over the ocean it is generally considered a citizen of the country the parent has legal citizenship in.”  If the baby was born in U.S. airspace, he is automatically a U.S. citizen.

The mother and newborn are peacefully resting at Milla-Peninsula Medical Center in San Francisco.  The child was named Raymar Francis Domingo.  “Francis” was added in honor of San Francisco, the plane’s destination.

Young Raymar's citizenship status in unknown.

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