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Arrogant Much: Michael Jordan Assumes Women Faints from His Presence

His Airness, the greatest to ever lace up a pair of basketball sneakers. You will find very few who in fact, dispute the sentiment. But equally as great of a human being as he was athlete? Maybe not.

As if he didn't "wear out his welcome" during his hall of fame induction speech, when he basically scoffed and spit upon any individual related to his come up and then fairy tale of a career, Jordan is also raising his nose a bit, even in a more average, low key situation.

While vacationing in Anguilla over the holidays, Jordan walked into a local cafe just as a woman, present within the restaurant fainted. The following day, the six time NBA champion phoned down to the front desk, inquiring about the lady who "went to sleep," by asking if she was okay due to her fainting when she saw him.

Come to find out, the aforementioned guest fainted merely fainted due to her discussion with a doctor, in regards to a broken nose her son had recently suffered. The doctor evidently shed some insight to no liking of the woman and she thus fell to the floor as result.

Sorry MJ. This one had no linking to your behemoth of a celebrity status. Just when people were beginning to forget your utter and disgusting arrogance at the time of your hall of fame induction, you turn this minuscule, routine incident into a "look at me" moment. Just focus on turning your Bobcats franchise around.

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