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In an interview with Life and Style magazine, Angelina Jolie's former drug dealer is providing some pretty dark details about the mother-of-six's past history with drugs. According to Meyer, We'd see each other two to three times a week when she was in town. She would buy cocaine and also heroin.

Meyer, who first met Jolie in 1997, didn't only sell the drugs to her, but would also watch her use heroin and cocaine in front of him. She would generally spend about $100 each time, that would buy maybe half a gram of coke and a 10th of a gram of heroin. She would snort the cocaine and the heroin in front of me. It didn't seem to matter to her who else was there.

He also describes her old apartment in the Ansonia building on Manhattan's Upper West Side as shocking because the walls were covered with photos of dead bodies. "I assumed they were real bodies. They were like places or apartments where there were murders. I don't know where someone would get pictures like that."

The interview also suggests the existence of some scandalous photos of Jolie, but could be referring to the pics currently floating around the net of Jolie supposedly on a heroin bender, wearing a dog leash and with tape on her nipples. Not the best image for our favorite UN ambassador.

But that's nothing. His most shocking statement was this: She would say to me, I think I would really like to adopt a kid. I was shocked. In the middle of the drugs and the knives, she'd be talking about wanting to adopt a child.

And the funny thing is that Brad Pitt apparently still hides the fact that he smokes the occasional cigarette from Jolie because she doesn't like it!

Written by K. Politis

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