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Americans Internet Usage Now Equals Time Spent in Front of TV

Who's ready to trade in their 56 inch flat screen for a 32 inch iMac? While the initial thought of that happening might come off as a bit peculiar, you would be surprised as to how many individuals would cash in on that proposal. Should be no surprise to us by now, but over the past year the American internet usage has increased to where it equals the time the average person spends watching television.

Personally, I would have assumed that we're stuck behind a computer screen even more than we are glued to the TV now a days, but shows you what I know. The numbers from this recent research project were drawn together by Forrester who consulted over 30,000 persons in regards to their weekly usage of both projectors. The results were that the average American currently spends roughly 13 hours wasting away closest to each said device.

The weekly television reports have seen virtually no shift in hours over the past several years, whereas internet usage has skyrocketed and increased by 121%. But let's face it, your computer can seemingly act as a television now a days anyway. Pretty much leaves us with a multipurpose, all in one, fun filled phenomenon. It would be interesting to see how/if the sales of television sets have been effected and or lowered due to the computer crazed internet boom, not to mention the aforementioned ability to watch live television and events on your desktop, laptop, etc.

One thing is for certain however, between the two, I foresee many a cataract and necessitate eye surgery/treatment throughout America, in the near future.

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