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Amazing Two Snouted Pig Born In Northern China

DESHENGTANG, China ~(Huffington Post)~  In the northern Chinese city of Deshengtang, in the Jilin province a rather unique and unusual animal was born.  In pig, unique in his litter and in the world, was born with two snouts.

If you have never seen a two-snouted pig, chances are you haven’t, one looks surprising cute and cuddly, like a cross between an aardvark or an anteater and a small puppy.

The amazing pork specimen was born into farmer Li Zhenjun’s family.  Zhenjun decided to name the piglet Xiaobao, a name that translates roughly into English as “Bade.”  Xiaobao is certainly getting enough attention to live up to the title of the famous movie star pig.

Being a two-snouted pig has its ups and downs.  On one hand Xiaobao is world famous, one the other he has trouble eating with two mouths.

“The mouths aren’t much of an advantage because his head is very heavy and he gets pushed around by the others,” said Zhenjun.

Hopefully they won’t stop Xiaobao from getting the fame and fortune that he deserves.

Other strange animals spotted this year have been a giant, human child-sized frog in Malaysia, a cross between a donkey and zebra called a zedonk born in Georgia, and another two-snouted pig born in the same Chinese province as Xiaobao.  That pig also had trouble eating according to

That pig could not suckle, due to its large head size, and had to be fed by hand.  Once the pig was old enough, he successfully made the transition to adulthood and currently acts as a tourist attraction.

What is happening in Jilin province that is causing so many two-snouted pigs?

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