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A-List Celebrities At XS Nightclub Las Vegas Over The Weekend

It’s being deemed the hottest nightclub in THE WORLD right now for a reason. The list of major celebrities that were at XS Nightclub Las Vegas inside the Encore on Saturday night was ridiculous.

To start, Beyonce, who is responsible for rocking several shows in Las Vegas this weekend, had an after party at XS, shutting down an entire section which she had reserved for her friends and family. Joining her heavily secured table was Usher and Flavor Flav.

Beyonce at XS Nightclub Las Vegas
Beyonce Making Her Way Through The Crowd at XS Nightclub Las Vegas

Later on in the evening, music phenomenon Ne-Yo and his entourage rolled in and dominated a pristine dance-floor table at the same nightclub. Impressive no? We’re just getting started!

Ne-Yo at XS Nightclub Las Vegas
Ne-Yo at XS Nightclub Las Vegas

Also at XS Nightclub Saturday night was Hollywood’s Hugh Jackman, Cuba Gooding Jr. and NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal. If you were at XS that night you may have also seen Nicky Hilton and her boyfriend David Katzenberg, movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer and UFC Champion Chuck Liddell.

Usher and Victor Drai at XS Nightclub Las Vegas
Usher Raymond with Victor Drai, Co-Owner of XS Nightclub Las Vegas

I can only imagine it was a ridiculous night at XS Nightclub last Saturday night at Encore Las Vegas. Have a twitpic? Send them our way! This is why they’re calling XS Nightclub Las Vegas the #1 nightclub in the world!

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