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Alice in Chains Bassist Mike Starr Found Dead

Founding member of grunge rock band Alice in Chains, Mike Starr was found dead on Tuesday afternoon in his home in Utah.  Starr was the original bass player for the band and was recently seen on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, where he was working on his extreme addiction to heroin.

Mike Starr was a talented musician and compassionate human being who unfortunately, like so many other beautiful, souls lost his battle with this deadly disease.  Although, just a few months ago it looked like Starr was doing well with treatment, he appeared on an episode of Celebrity Rehab this past season and professed he was 6 months sober at the time.  But, earlier this month Starr was arrested in Salt Lake City on  drug possession for having six Xanax pills and six Opana pills on him at the time.  According to  his room mate, Starr was mixing anti anxiety drugs and Opiates on the day of his death. Although,  it is not clear yet what caused his death, it could take up to two months for toxicology reports to come back, tragically, it looks as though he succumb to his addiction.

After hearing of Mike Starr's passing many fellow musicians took to their Twitter pages to pay tribute to their fallen brother.  Former Guns N Roses drummer, Matt Sorum tweeted, "Drugs and alcohol aren't a joke. Please take care of yourself and respect yourself. We lost Mike Starr today. Rest in peace man."  Fellow bassist Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue tweeted, "RIP Mike Starr. Another fallen soldier to addiction.", also paying tribute to Starr was fellow band mates Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney, as well as Brett Michael, Mike Portnoy, Rob Thomas, and Steven Adler, who has also been battling his own addiction to heroin.

Mike Starr will be missed by the music world and music lovers around the world but, he will always be remembered through his music and although the original Alice in Chains was short lived the mark they made on rock music will always be heard.  RIP Mike Starr.

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