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After Twenty-Fourth Season "The Simpsons" May End

It looks like the great American family of misfits might go the way of the buffalo.  Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Apu, Flanders, Mr. Burns and the rest of Springfield are scheduled to get the ax unless producers can cut the budget heavily.

The Wrap was the first to report on The Simpsons current crisis stating that the show’s next season will be its last, unless the show can be produced for 25 to 30 percent less.

Producers have chose to cut the fat from the voice cast’s salary, lowering the cast’s per season rate from $8 million to $4 million or $250 thousand an episode according The Daily Beast and the LA Times.

The ultimatum from Fox follows the refusal of an offer from the actors that suggested a 30 percent pay cut in exchange for a percent of The Simpsons gigantic back end profits from syndication and merchandising.

To be an optimist, The Wrap also reported that a source close to the actors dismissed Fox’s ultimatum as a bargaining strategy and that the network has no real intention of canceling The Simpsons.

However, the show’s profits are failing.  The LA Times reported that the show’s viewership has dropped 20 percent over five years.  Also, The Simpsons viewership among 18 to 49 year-olds has fallen 17 percent.

Who would be the face of the Fox network should The Simpsons be canceled?  The Simpson clan has grown with the network and is their most instantly recognizable symbol.  Instead of canceling The Simpsons how about letting American Dad or The Cleveland Show go instead?  After all aren’t both of those shows identical to Family Guy?

UPDATE: On OCT 7 the New York Times reported that The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons.  Thank god.

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