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Activate Your Brain with a Cell Phone

If you want to become more intelligent, use your cell phone. Thatís what new studies suggest. Your mobile antenna throws off electromagnetic radiation. This radiation triggers regions of the brain to activate to abnormal levels. And all you have to do to reap the benefit is talk or easier still, listen.

This brings in a whole new list of concerns over the usage of wireless devices, says the Journal of the American Medical Association. Our behavior and thought processes are interrupted or altered with mobile phone usage. The study was preliminary and conducted by leading neuroscientists at the National Institute of Health.

There are over 300 million cellphone users in America, and the study, which was conducted on nearly fifty healthy adults, shows solid evidence that cellphone use leads to measurable effects on cerebral activity. The report was a surprise to may neurosurgeons, who didnít expect the brain to be stimulated by such use. ďItís a surprising finding,Ē remarked the LA based Cedars-Sinai Medical Centerís chairman of neurosurgery, Dr. Keith L. Black, ďwe normally donít expect the brain to be activated unless itís in response to stimulation, or unless itís in a pathological state such as epilepsy.Ē Mr. Black was not involved in any part of the study.

Many question now what long term effects might be, and how other wireless devices contribute to such unpredictable events. The fear is over-stimulation of the brain. Now if only researchers could link eating Layís potato chips to weight loss.


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