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A Look Inside Pharrell Williams Miami Home

Accounting for one of the most all around artistic minded individuals of our generation, Pharrell Williams has not only limited his empire to that of musical feats, but has over the course of his illustrious career, ventured into such mediums as fashion, furniture, motor vehicles, and the list goes on and on. And you thought he was just some guy that made music, huh? That's what I'm here for, kids. Enlightenment is a beautiful thing.

I've always felt that if we were to take a look into one's private quarters, it would let us in on much about their inner personality and really get to the core of who they are and what they appreciate. Now with that being said, I'm not exactly sure I would like to venture inside the likes of say Rob Zombie or Dustin Diamond's place of rest (weird examples, I know), but someone like super producer, Skateboard P, surely must have delectable taste in possessions and decorating.

And boy does he ever. With a somewhat insider's look into Pharrell's breathtaking Miami spread, we are let on accordinly to some of the musician's more intimate preferences. Louis Vuitton luggage, several pieces of Family Guy related artwork (pretty sweet, right), works from the illustrious Kaws, a see through piano, eccentric models of furniture, vibrant colors - these are but a few components that make up the Grammy Award winner's colorful and creative home.

I think he should open up his doors as a museum of sorts, after seeing all of the wonderment locked up inside that beautiful place. Just my two cents, P. Anyhow, enjoy the photos linked to the crafty curator, below.

images via TheSelby

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