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A Life on Facebook: Our Future Generation [VIDEO]

I have a Facebook account. You have one. Your friends have one. Their friends have one. Your parents now even, probably have one. The social media, worldwide phenomenon has drastically changed the way we communicate, spend our free time (scratch that, every waking moment), and even encompasses much of our waking thought. Let's face it, guys. Facebook has turned into a life obsession. Sounds silly, but think about it. It's not far from the truth.

Making its way to number five amongst the top twenty viral videos chart, "A Life On Facebook" should indeed hit home for all of you readers out there, especially seeing as if you're taking the time to read our lovely online publication, then it's probably pretty safe to say that you spend a fairly substantial amount of your existence online (no shots).

The viral footage features a pretty neat, cinematic approach and is even a tad humorous when you link the video to your personal Facebook occurrences. Come on now, we've all had our fare share of Facebook reckoned drama. Deleted friends, unwanted published photos, breakups, gossip - "As Facebook Turns," we should call it. So enjoy the piece as it takes you from account inception, to tagged photos, to relationship after relationship, and well, you get the idea. But please don't go look up Alex Droner on Facebook. That would, in fact, be pathetic.

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